Owners Questions for Andrew Rumsby



  • All takeaways
  • Mash & Barrell
  • South Beach Café
  • Golf – this is pay as you go
  • 4×4’s Off-roaders – this is pay as you go
  • Arcades


  • Swimming
  • Activities
  • Entertainment venues – Bugsy’s & Capones

All guests have more access now to the entertainment complex than before as passes were required to enter Funworks complex which was checked from 5pm onwards at the entrances and spot checks were undertaken during the day.

Will owners be able to get their guests passes in advance and get passes at a reasonable cost with the possibility of maybe including this in their prices?

Owners want to have the ability for their guests to buy passes and book activities in advance, potentially from their car pass code as they have no “Haven Booking Reference”. This is a huge disadvantage to owners’ guests and their experience on the park as with the way things currently stand everything is fully booked by the time they arrive and attempt to access activities.

Our private guests are going to be disappointed at not being able to access facilities and activities due to not having a “Haven Booking Code” so they cannot book via the app.

Haven are working on an app for owners’ private guests, however due to data protection we cannot hold private guests details even though they are on Haven site their rental contract is with owners not Haven and they have not consented for us to hold their information.

*** I have queried this as they will hold all track and trace information that private guests give and for registration on to site. *** I will report back on this.

We do not want to hamper the experience of any guest no matter their source.

I would like to assure you there is no tier system and there are also a large number of Haven guests not able to book activities that they want. I would also like to remind you, that this is again down to capacity restrictions related to the pandemic.

If you as owners are not already doing so with your guests, our advice is to come to reception as soon as possible to book the activities that you want and then buy passes as we cannot refund once purchased.

The price for passes is set by head office and cannot be reduced as this would make the system unworkable.

At present it is not possible for owners to pre-purchase passes for their guests. However once restrictions are lifted it is the owner’s choice if they wish to include passes in their future lettings.

Currently private guests can book tables on haven-food.com using their car registration code that is emailed to them. Please note: Passes are required for tables at Bugsys or Capones.


Booking System

Is it here to stay?

Yes, the booking system is here to stay. It is currently being updated to take into account all guests and owners with no tiered system or Haven booking references, although this has not been confirmed.

Currently private guests can book tables on haven-food.com using their car registration code that is emailed to them. Please note: Passes are required for tables at Bugsys or Capones. 

Will we be able to book for an evening rather than one time slot?

It was originally stated that you could only book 1 venue per evening but last year and this year guests are booking 2 continual table slots in the same venue on a regular basis.

There are more entertainment sessions for guests now than ever as we are increasing sessions and adding new timeslots.

Capacity is the biggest restriction at the moment but there are aims to increase. Currently at 50% of what we operate at. We are waiting for 21st June announcement.

Last week we offered 14,000 slots in swimming as we were open from 8am until 10pm. Pre-COVID it was 10am to 1.45 and 2.15pm to 5.30pm.

Last week we offered three sessions in show bars to allow guests to have the chance to see a repeated show to avoid double booking tables in case they feel they have missed out.

Non-attendance of bookings (pool, owners pool, restaurant bookings etc) that are at no cost have no comeback for non-attendance and such denying others access to these activities.

This is frustrating and unfortunate but the logistics of taking a deposit would be very difficult. We do encourage Haven guests to cancel as soon as possible if they are not going to be able to make their session.

There is always a cancellation line which is used for all sessions.

Will we be able to view our bookings as with the previous system?

You already can on owners.haven.com. This has not changed.

Numerous persons manage to circumvent the system don’t buy passes and enter swimming and entertainment venues unchallenged and then not only gloat about it openly but advise others to do it rather than buy passes

We are doing our best to ensure this doesn’t happen but there will always be someone who manages it.

Having the staff on the Track and Trace desks now will help with this.



Pre-booking restaurants entertainment and activities

No advantage over anyone anymore (same time frame for everyone now)

Owners are still able to book all restaurants, entertainments and activities in advance as usual on owners.haven.com

Seem to get less for our site fees now (other than the 15% discount)

It may seem like the owners’ events i.e. wine club, pool club, live acts etc are not happening but they are, just at reduced capacity due to restrictions.

Haven are the only company to refund site fees which hopefully has meant a lot to owners.

The queue for Mash and Barrel does not apply currently as table service but when it does you can make that choice to decide which queue you are in because non owners’ queue is normally shorter. More staff are needed on the owner’s queue as this provides no advantage whatsoever dating back pre-covid.

It is currently not known what will happen to this system as currently table service due to the pandemic. It is impossible to know staff requirements or what will happen on 21st June.

Owners can use all queues, so if a normal queue is shorter choose that one.


Driving on site (no control)

  • Speeding all vehicles guests, owners, security and haven vans.
  • Bad and dangerous parking especially round the high ropes area.
  • People driving around site with dogs and children sat on their laps.
  • Parking not in the bays, over 2 bays, on the grass, double yellow lines

The reality is that there is not enough parking for the size of the site, and due to the location and layout of the park it is not feasible/possible to build anymore new car parks.

It is physically impossible for Haven to control fully. They cannot have eyes at every point in the park. Haven guests are advised not to park on the grass or in other numbered spaces, owners should be doing the same to their private guests as well. Unfortunately, most of these issues above come down to common sense.

If owners feel there are parking issues around their van, they can go to owner’s reception and request rocks / posts as appropriate to stop parking on the grass at no cost.

Owners and guests are encouraged to report any dangerous driving incidents with date, time and registration number whether this is an owner, staff member or guest and it will be dealt with accordingly.



When entering the site it looks immaculate freshly cut grass always left tidy blooming flowers but then the grass around the vans is cut as and when and nearly always when wet with the grass cuttings strewn over freshly jet washed caravans and decking. 

The size of the site takes a considerable amount of maintenance and it’s a rolling job dealing done in a planned way. No sooner has the last part of the park been dealt with, then it has to be started again.

Waiting for the weather is not an option as there would then be complaints that the area surrounding caravans is messy. We can also not co-ordinate cutting the park areas around jet washing of vans or the weather, this would be impossible.

The gardeners strim / mow, then come back around and blow grass from walkways.



Please can the week’s entertainment guide be published earlier as I think people are over booking venues in case it’s something they may like then not turn up when they find out what’s on. Booking 14 days in advance for venues and then the entertainment guide comes out the day before? 

Depending on announcements on 21st June they will end up going back to how things were done pre-COVID.

As always there are weekly guides released on email and on various boards around the park for all guests to see. Obviously Haven guests get the emails direct, but as owners we can always forward on our email for private guests to see.

Any guest can go to main reception at any time and ask for the weekly leaflets that are printed.

This will become more structured and will eventually go on the app.

Finally Haven Devon Cliffs has had numerous bad press comments on Facebook over the IT issues with the booking system and in general with some very unfair criticism (and this despite refunds meal vouchers and free holidays) but also some justified.

We are constantly creating and updating systems and apps to help owners and guests. As with any new IT product normally it would go through a structured release process. Due to the urgency of these apps during the pandemic, especially at the start, full testing was not possible as we wanted to release the apps as soon as possible. Demand for these apps far exceeded expectations but we have since expanded our hardware infrastructure to cope with demand and hopefully future releases will not have these capacity issues.


WI-FI & Mobile

What is going on with the on-site Wi-Fi as the speed is poor at best and only within the complex?

We know that the mobile service quality is poor on site, are you looking to get masts installed for the major providers (EE, O2, Vodafone) to improve this for everyone?

The issues are the system is dated and needs updating. However, due to the topography of the park the current system is in a daisy chain format to get the signal from the complex to your van. If one of the Wi-Fi points goes down that can affect a larger area of the park the signal extends to.

It is not viable to dig up the entire park and lay cabling to each van to provide internet. There are discussions around a line of site and mesh system being implemented but this is at early stages.

We have also found that caravans can repel the signal due to their construction.

There is a general desire to get the Wi-Fi sorted and this has and is an on-going discussion with head office, but we are limited with options.

We have switched off the Wi-Fi for holiday makers, it is only available for owners outside of the complex to help improve the capacity to owners.

Would like to point out that DC is one of only 4 Haven parks that even offer any Wi-Fi.

Mobile: Best system is EE for mobile and discussions have been had with other mobile providers to put in masts, but they have declined and not showing any interest. Virgin has also been used by some owners but since they are changing from using the EE network for signal this will become less effective over the next few months. Owners who wish to use a 4G Wi-Fi box are advised to use EE.



With regards to some people being stopped and some not we can assure you that this has actually improved as we are now turning away non-residents who wish to use the public beach.

At the gatehouse there is an iPad and a computer. Number plates are checked against the registered list and this is possibly why if you have registered you are not always stopped.

The importance of registering gives us the information of who is and isn’t on site as well for Track and Trace.

The current coloured hanger system will remain until Track and Trace is no longer required. We will eventually go back to owner’s car stickers to allow owners to be waved through.

This system has been raised various times in recent months and there is a foot in each camp as some want the system to be stringent and others don’t want to queue. We are trying to get a happy medium, knowing we are not going to please everyone.

We also have a requirement to ensure the residents in Littleham do not have queues back to the Co-op like pre-COVID.

Haven have actually enquired about removing the public footpath, however this is not an option as every beach in the UK have public access rights.

We are looking at ANPR on all sites.

Your suggestion about having two lanes or a separate entrance for owners has been thought about and options have been looked into but currently again no plans due to the site entrance (as is there is only one and on some sites, there can be 3-4). Also the private farmers land surrounds the entrance.

With regards to your report of someone just being waved through last night with no sticker and no O hanger, this will be looked into as a matter of urgency.

On the whole, anti-social behaviour and large group gatherings seems to have calmed down since indoor eating and drinking has been allowed. Please do report anything that you may find or experience to security as usual on the mobile or gatehouse number.

Again we cannot be everywhere at all times and the size of the park is vast.



Generally poor cleaning of caravans

  • As per our experience.
  • General viewing or on-site owners of cleaners going in.
  • Clean and dirty linen left outside for days in all weathers.

There is a lot of process around cleaning the vans. Firstly there is an initial full clean by 2 people for an hour, after this there can be up to three checks done by different staff members. This could be what some people are witnessing when they see people in a van for 5-10minutes.

With regards to keys being left on the vans, this is still the case and is currently the only way guests can be brought in on site during the pandemic. They cannot have hordes of people in reception or lining Palm Drive with cars and people. Vans are left locked until final checks when keys are then left inside, and security seal is applied.


Inconsistent Information 

Seems to be a continual flow of inconsistent information from Haven staff regarding do’s and don’ts, which show either a lack of staff training or lack of failure to grasp the information by individuals.

As you can understand there is a considerable amount of information in the last 12 months which has had to be fed and is also unprecedented, all of which is ever changing depending on the situation.

There has also been a big change in staff employed. However, all staff are passed correct information at the time and it is communicated out and we try to ensure they have the understanding that we require, but this may not always be the case.

Andrew has and is currently spending a week at a time in all areas to ensure he has an understanding of what owners/guests are experiencing from staff and vice versa. This will also hopefully improve consistency across the staff.



Covid 19 Information

Please take close attention to the details provided below during the Covid-19 Outbreak:

Unfortunately, during this time we have had to make some changes to how we rent out our van. It is not how we envisaged, but to keep our guests and our family safe we have put in the following safety measures to ensure there is limited risk. However, we know that you will still be able to enjoy a socially distanced holiday in our gorgeous van and enjoy sitting on the decking looking at the views. Please note that we have reduced our prices to reflect the safety measures.

  • Bed linen will not be provided, please bring your own. Duvets and pillows are available but you can bring your own too if you wish.
  • Tea Towels will not be provided.
  • All board games have been removed.
  • The Nintendo Wii has been removed.
  • All ornaments have been removed.
  • Attention will have been focussed on all touch points and will have been cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner before arrival.
  • We are not able to provide our usual Welcome Pack.
  • If at any time during your holiday with us you become unwell with any of the symptoms of COVID-19, please call us, pack up immediately and head straight home. We then have a protocol that we have to follow with Haven.
  • Please ensure you have travel insurance as we do not provide this which is stated in our Terms and Conditions. Should the park close unexpectedly prior to your stay due to another lockdown, you will be fully refunded or have the option to move to another date in the future with no change fee being charged. Any difference in price will apply.

With regards to the park complex itself and the facilities that will be available, please ensure you have read the information on the link below.


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